More and more patients are traveling to Panama for medical care. Having plastic surgery in Panama makes a lot of sense. You can enjoy a modern and exciting country, have surgery with a North American trained plastic surgeon committed at provide you beautiful and natural looking results. You will be taken care of by a highly trained professional staff at excellent surgical facilities. You will be able relax and recover in a very private environment relieved from the everyday stresses and benefit from costs that will compare very favorably to first class facilities in the United States or Europe.

Dr. Picard Ami lived and worked in Miami, Florida for 10 years. Upon his return to Panama he and his team have been treating plastic surgery patients for another 16 years. Medical care and in particular Panamanian Plastic Surgery standards are very similar to top practices in the US and Europe. Dr Picard Ami is certified both by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada organizations who include as members only Plastic Surgeons who are committed to providing the highest standards of medical care.     

Our staff can assist you with your travel plans and suggest local accommodations depending on your budget and specific needs. They can be small hotels with kitchenetts to full service 5 star hotel. If necessary in town transportation can be arranged for you. Traveling to Panama from the US is easy. Several major airlines like American, United, Delta, Copa Airlines and Spirit have direct daily flights from major US and Canadian cities like New York, Miami, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Washington, Orlando, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Toronto and Montreal. In addition KLM, Iberia, Lufthansa, Air Condor and TAP travel almost on a daily basis from several European cities.

In general we recommend you arrive at least 48 hours before your scheduled procedure to meet with the surgeon, complete paperwork and get familiar with your new surroundings and decrease the risk of developing blood clots in your legs from long travel times. The required medical tests can be performed at home with your family physician or Dr Picard Ami can send you an order form. These results should be scanned back to our office. You can also elect to have them here in town a few days prior to your scheduled procedure. However, it is much better to have them done at home before you travel so that if there is anything abnormal this can be corrected ahead of time. After all, you are having elective surgery and your safety is our primary concern.

It is a good idea to travel with a friend or family member who can help you after surgery and provide support while you heal. If that is not be possible, our nurse and nurse aids will be happy to assist with the process. Our physical therapy team will also be available to see you on a daily basis to make the recovery period as quick and easy as possible.

Most patients should plan to stay in town a minimum of 10 -14 days depending on the type of surgery having done. Dr Picard-Ami will advise you before you make your travel plans what is the expected recovery time and when you should plan to return home.

Dr. Picard Ami will personally supervise your entire care. He will see prior to discharge from the hospital. The day after surgery Dr Picard Ami’s private nurse will visit you at home; she will assist you with wound care, showers or any other needs you may have. This initial visit is complimentary and necessary as the nurses will report back to the doctors to inform them of your progress. Normally you will be able to care for yourself with minimal help from family or friends. If you wish or need for the nurse to continue seeing you on a daily basis it can arranged for an additional fee. All follow up visits will occur in Dr Picard Ami’s office usually on a weekly basis but more often if necessary.

Upon contacting our office via email or by using the Online Consultation system called “Zwivel” (see add in the contact us section) you will be asked to specify your particular area and procedure of interest as well some information on your medical and surgical background history. Upon receiving this information your doctor will contact you personally either via email, skype call or via phone to answer any questions, discuss you treatment options and provide you with an individualized preliminary quote. After this virtual consultation, you will have all the necessary information to make a decision and prepare for surgery. Distance does not need to be a barrier to an in-depth conversation, consultation and information exchange.

Upon arrival you need to meet for a personal face to face consultation and physical evaluation with Dr Picard Ami. Preparation and attention to detail are essential for a smooth recovery a good result.  

The overwhelming majority of plastic surgery patients have smooth and successful recovery. We will work very hard to ensure your safety and make the overall experience a successful and pleasant one. While in town you will have direct access to Dr Picard Ami and his team via their personal cellphones. The team will always be available to handle any medical concerns and deal with any problems in the eventuality that some were to arise. Our team includes an excellent support group of well trained specialists, nurses and physical therapist to assist you in any needs. Our facilities are equipped with the latest technological equipment to handle the most complex of medical problems in case of need. At the time of your return we will provide you with a written summary, in English, of your procedure and postoperative course.

Although every effort will be made to make sure everything goes smooth and according to the plan we have to acknowledge that Medicine and Plastic Surgery are not exact sciences and surgical results cannot be guaranteed. Dr. Picard Ami and his team will do their best to treat any problems that may arise. Our financial policy and philosophy is that in the eventuality that additional unplanned procedures become necessary there will be no charges from the surgeons nor from their anesthesiologist. You will however be responsible for the additional hospital charges incurred as these are completely out of our control.

Because every patient is different and unique and no two procedures are exactly alike it is often not accurate to quote a standard price without first seeing the patient. The best option and a necessary step prior to obtaining a final quote it to have a face to face meeting with the doctor. Our fees are reasonable and have been determined based on multiple factors including but not limited to: our years of experience, the complexity and risk associated with of the procedure requested, length of surgery and hospital stay, type of anesthesia, place where the surgery takes place.

Hospital charges are determined by the hospital but we will do our best to help you get the best packages available and provide you with options for facilities where your surgery can take place. Combining some procedures can often result in some savings by getting a package price as opposed to doing the same procedures on separate dates. This is because certain items although used for several procedures are only charged once. Examples of these are vital sign monitors, heating blankets, electro cautery machines and others. In addition many procedures already include another procedure, for instance, a facelift usually includes a neck lift and a tummy tuck usually includes lipo-sculpture on the flanks to help refine the waistline. After your face to face meeting with Dr Picard Ami his surgical coordinator will provide you with an individual written quote which is good for 90 days. The quote will include the surgeon and anesthesiologist fees as well as hospital charges. It will also include the price of implants, bras or garments and physical therapy packages if they are needed. All items will be listed individually so you can understand all the costs involved. The quote will not include take home medications nor pre op lab testing. After you receive your quote doctor fees will not change. Hospital charges can vary as these have been provided to us by the hospital based on the original plan and anticipated needs. If something changes there may be additional charges from the hospital. Most of the time our estimate are very accurate.

Please see the contact us section at the top of the webpage. If you would like specific information or a personalized quote before coming to the office you have two options. The first option is to write an email directly to the doctor at In the email you must specify your particular concern with are or procedure you would like to have performed or treated. The doctor also needs to see pictures of the area/areas you want to treat. Use the photo gallery section in our webpage to see examples of how the photos of each area need to be taken in order for the doctors to see what he needs to see. Please also include any comments or specific concern you may have. The other option is to use the Zwivel online consultation form. Zwivel is a unique form to send all your private information encrypted and compliant with HIPPA in regards to protecting all patients confidential information. See our link in the contact us section.

If you are already in Panama and would like to make an appointment please call the office directly. The initial consultation has a cost of $100.00 USD. At that time we will be able to discuss your personal concerns and provide you with our recommendations along with a quote of all the costs involved. Our office is located on the first floor of the Punta Pacifica Hospital, Suite #166. Take the Panoramic elevator on the main lobby. Exit to the right and find a set of glass doors with signs spelling Clinicas de Cirugia Plastica. Our office is the first one on the right hand side, # 166.


Hospital Punta Pacifica, Primer piso, Suite # 166. Panama City, Panamá

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