Dr. Picard-Ami gave me thorough information, as well as complete follow-up care. I, being a gastric-bypass patient, prior to coming to see him, as well as botched procedures prior, was relieved by my results following reconstructive breast augmentation and a tummy tuck to remove scarring from previous intestinal exploratory surgery and twice botched breast augmentation. I was relieved to find a competent and professional who has honed his craft. Dr. Piccard-Ami's work was cut out for him, as I was a difficult case, he confidently and skillfully restored my self confidence. My gratitude thus far is immesurable. You're the best doc, thank you so much! When, I have more money.... my thighs are next!!!


 Absolutely wonderful. I received nothing but the best of care not only from Dr. Picard-Ami but from his whole staff. I am totally happy with the results and all the care and attention I received before, during and after the surgery.


 I am very satisfied with the results of my breast augmentation. Dr. Picard did an incredible job. I am really tankful to him and his staff for all the support provided before, during, and after my procedure.


 Dr. Picard-Ami performed my breast augmentation at the beginning of October 2013. I was very worried leading up to the surgery, specifically about the operation (how painful it would be) and worries about choosing the correc ct size. Dr. Picard-Ami was wonderful in helping me alleviate my worries and he was incredibly patient with me with picking a size, even seeing me 3 times prior to the surgery in order to do a fitting (the standard is 2 fitting consultation appointments prior to surgery but he saw me without question for a 3rd one). It was very difficult for me to communicate the proper size I wanted with the kind of look I was going for (full and round but natural) but he managed to understand me and the end result is nothing short of perfect. He was available for answering all my questions before and after the surgery and his office staff was always attentive to me. I highly recommend him. As an important note to take into consideration, Dr. Picard-Ami speaks English and Spanish fluently and as English is my dominant language, he spoke to me completely and fluently in English.


 Dr. Picard and his staff was amazing. I had numerous procedures and had amazing care the whole time I was in Panama. I had a facelift, eyelid surgery, browlift and necklift at one time and the reults are amazing. I would rec commend him to anyone. Quick healing time and was there for any questions me or my husband had. Great experience.


 I have had a great personal experience with Dr Picard-Ami. Between 2005 and 2009 he did surgery on my eyelids, nose, changed of breast implants and also performed fat grafting and thermage on my face. I continue to see him o on a regular basis for botox and filler treatments to my face about twice a year. His practice includes the professional services of a nurse that visits each patient at home the day after surgery. She helped me after each procedure in my home with bathing and dressing changes which is something unheard of in other countries because of the costs implicated. He also recommended the professional services of physical therapist right next to his office who performed lymphatic drainage and ultrasound treatments that eased and helped me during my recovery phase and definitely made the process easier. When a person decides to do cosmetic or reconstructive surgery they need to know that you will never look like the front page model of your favorite magazine. Each person heals in a different manner, you have to take into account age, the type of skin oily or dry, wrinkled and discolored because of sun or cigarette smoking damage or simply do you did not follow your doctors instructions and then complain about the consequences. Plastic surgeons are not magicians. They do help immensely to raise the self esteem of someone who wishes to fix something that bothers them. Dr Picard Ami helped me so much in all the things I wanted to change in my body with good explanations and wonderful post surgical care. Dr Picard Ami is a professional who I respect very much but before all I have great gratitude. And Panama is a great country!


 Very talented surgeon, pleasant, polite


 I could not be happier with my procedure. After a friend had treatments done by Dr. Picard I started thinking. For years I’ve not been able to get rid of the tire and love handles around my middle and my chest was a little m more than I liked. It seemed that no matter how much I worked out and lost weight these two places never really went away and where the last things to go and the first to return. I finally decided to bite the bullet and go. I emailed Dr. Picard and his staff about my intentions. I sent photo’s to Dr. Picard who wrote me directly about his thoughts. We discussed what he could do and the costs involved. All seemed very reasonable compared to the US. A doctor friend in the US had some body sculpting done several years before in Denver and paid three times the cost of Panama for far less work. The wonderful office staff put me in touch with a service to take care of all the arrangements. I used. Genevieve Talavera Husband - Nick They arranged everything and the fee is very reasonable for everything they do. I told them my price range for lodging I was willing to pay and they found a wonderful little Bed & Breakfast only 10 minutes from Dr. Picard’s office. They were waiting for me at the airport when I arrived and came through immigration and took me right to my B&B to get settled in. The next day they were there to pick me up and take me to my appointment with Dr. Picard and took me all the way to the office reception. At that point the wonderful staff took over and went through everything for me and got the paperwork started. Dr. Doctor was right on time with my appointment and frankly I could not have been happier with the wonderful personality and attention to detail. We sat down and started out with question and answers and then on to the examination. I was not rushed and every question was answered. After establishing a great relationship I was turned back over to the staff to finish up some of the pre-op things before my surgery the following day. I should note that the service gave me a cell phone to use along with everything else they provided. When my appointment was done I could call to have them come and get me. The first day though they waited right there for me the entire time. They would have waited every time but I chose to let them go and call when ready. It worked great. After everything was completed we left the office Nick asked if there was anything I wanted or needed to do. We stopped by a store to buy food to snake on while at my room. They would have gladly taken me out for meals but a market was within easy walking distance and I chose to do that but you wouldn’t have to. The next day they were there to take me to surgery right on time. We arrived at the surgery center and I had no trouble checking in and paying for the services. My wait time was less than 30 minutes from my arrival. The staff was wonderful and professional. The surgery went off without a hitch and I woke to the friendly staff taking care of me. Dr. Picard was also right there and informed me everything had gone fine. The service was there to pick me up and take me back to my room after the surgery. That night they asked what I would like for dinner and arranged for it to be delivered. A service I used most nights although I went out to dinner a number of times. There we no issues the following days as I went in for my daily physical therapy, a service I would highly recommend to anyone having a procedure done. They were great and really made a difference. After I felt good enough to get around more in a day or so the service offered to take me around and show me some of Panama. This became a daily thing after my PT. Nick and I usually did lunch together and he took me to see the Canal and other points of interest around Panama. The day before I left I met with the doctor to have the stitches removed and a final check-up before leaving Panama. I was already pleased with the results but I admit I wanted to see it faster. The swelling and fluid made it a little hard to tell just how well things would be at the end but the doctor was very optimistic and made clear the time it would take to heal. I met other people in the office who had had procedures done that were equally thrilled with their outcomes. I should add that Dr. Picard was available both by email and by phone at any time, night or day, if you needed anything or had a question. I emailed him the first night with a concern about some swelling post-op and I had a return email in less than an hour. After leaving Panama I followed his instructions and have had steady improvement since my surgery. It has now been exactly 30 days and I’m almost 100% healed up but things are still continuing to improve and the swelling is still going down and the skin still tightening up. I have had zero complications. When I returned to work after three weeks my coworkers made note that I had lost weight and looked great after my vacation. They never had a clue. Depending on what you have done and the nature of your job you could actually be back to work much sooner. I’m thrilled with Dr. Picard, his staff, the physical therapy dept. and the service of Genevieve and her husband Nick. I wanted for nothing and made some wonderful new friends. I fully intend to return to Panama for a vacation or even a tune-up down the road if need be. This has been a great experience and I have no regrets about anything. I only wish I had done it years ago. Frankly I don’t see how the outcome could have been any better in the US and at a third the cost. You pay up front for what you get and you know beforehand what those costs will be. Do your homework…. Dr. Picard is board certified in both the US and Panama and has practiced in the US for years before returning to Panama. You will not be disappointed in his treatment or the care you receive in Panama. Thank you to Dr. Picard and all the wonderful staff and assistance. Sincerely TM.


 It has been my dream to have a breast lift and abdominal liposuction since I was 15 years old. I have always dieted and I did some exercise. Finally, at 26 years old – 11 years later – I was able to afford and confront this big step. I am a petite woman, 1.55cm, 125 pounds and my current brassier size is 36C. Due to weight loss during the past years, my breasts became saggy and kind of shapeless which at my age, having no children; it was really affecting my self-esteem, personal life and intimacy with my partner. Also my stomach, hips and upper legs were accumulating fat that was almost impossible to get rid of. After having several appointments with different surgeons in Panama, I realized that there was always something missing. Either they wanted me to get breast implants, which I don’t need-nor want, or the appointment was not what I was expecting, with the doctors demonstrating an apparent lack of interest or only answering my questions and doubts very vaguely. Finally I was able to set an appointment with Dr. Picard; I found his website and set the appointment trough the contact information. The response was fast. His staff has always being very helpful since the first phone call. As soon as you enter Dr. Picard’s office you notice you are dealing with a very professional surgeon. Clean and organized (which to me says a lot about someone’s work and results) always looking very sharp and with a friendly smile. He demonstrated a vast knowledge of his field while he answered every single question I had in a very understandable terminology. He always advised me to investigate on internet and keep asking questions. Since I wanted to perform 2 different procedures (liposuction and breast lift) the cost was over my budget, so I went to the office and told him I was ready to do one of the procedures first and then get the rest of the money and do the second one. However he sincerely advised me to have both procedures at the same time and just wait a bit more. His explanation was based on my health and safety: expose the body to just one recovery time, one trauma, and one anesthetic process. I went back home, happy and anxious at the same time. Some weeks later I was finally ready! Dr. Picard explained to my husband and me all the procedure again, and answered our last questions. Dr. Picard defined his and my expectations based on the reality of my body and the procedures I was about to undergo. He was very open to share with me the specific results I should expect after the surgery. The days before my procedure I kept calling the office just to confirm I had all the paperwork ready. At every moment Dr. Picard’s staff was very friendly and helpful, and were especially patient about my thousands of questions. The surgery day-as I imagine is very common, I was anxious, scared, freaked out and nervous… before starting the process Dr. Picard assured me I was going to be in good hands and that everything would be just fine and that I would have the results I wanted. Almost 3 months later I can definitely say: he was right! He did an amazing job and I am happier than ever been in my life! – Physically and emotionally speaking. Today, I weight 118pounds, and I have kept my breast size but with a beautiful and very feminine, natural shape. I want to thank Dr. Picard for his extremely skilled hands and his professional staff! I would definitely recommend any person who is looking to have surgery in Panama to go to Dr. Picard’s office, ask all the questions they might have and choose him! You’ll be certain you have made the best choice ever! Sincerely, Yvonne.



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